About Us
"An investment in capability"
Spatial and Spectral Research provides algorithms, software, and hardware system solutions for Direction Finding, Geolocation, Electronic Beamsteering, and other signal & image measurement and analysis mission objectives.

We are a small team of experienced professionals mitigating our customer's payload development risk through the application of our tenure spanning the architecture and implementation of system and subsystem solutions tailored to our customer's mission environment, platform, and objectives.

SSR's mission is to protect and enable our forces by leveraging our experience, knowledge, and technology for disruptive and empowering solutions. SSR will conduct business with our customers and partners adhering to the highest levels of ethics and integrity.

The solutions we provide are:

Capable: High Performance, Feature Rich, and Collaborative (cross-sensor and cross-mission cueing) in the smallest Size, Weight, and Power.

Comprehensive: State-of-the-art algorithms, hardware, and software coupled with 50+ years of domain knowledge for effective and extensible solutions that can prosecute dense RF environments consisting of conventional and modern signals.

Low Risk: Principal hardware is implemented using existing COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) devices and systems are qualified at a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL-6 or higher).

Secure: Volatile or encrypted-persistent applications and/or data for the prevention of unauthorized access.
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